“Don’t be afraid, you animals of the field, for the wilderness pastures will soon be green. The trees will again be filled with fruit; fig trees and grapevines will be loaded down once more.” --Joel 2:22
  Yes, Spring time is coming, and I am looking forward to all that God has planned for us! We have some fun things coming up, like our trip to The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, Spring Break and EASTER!
  We have some work, “Spring Cleaning” projects that we need to get done before Easter. And we have a mission to reach out to the families of Wooster and share the “Good News” of Jesus with everyone that we can! Spring Cleaning projects! I will have a list before this goes to print! Some outside projects, some inside projects. Somethings that can be done on your own or grab a “Pew Partner” and let us work on them together! If you see a project that you want to tackle, jump right in, working together will make the job easier for everyone. Easter is coming and we want to shine for all our special guest that day!
  Easter is always the easiest time of year to invite people to join you @ HIGHLAND! People are waiting on you to invite them to HIGHLAND, to join you in the Easter Celebration! Maybe God is already speaking to them and they are more open to His message this year. Morning Service @ 10am, Egg Hunt for the children after the service, Easter Dinner for the whole family to follow! 
 “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” --Galatians 6:9
  Blessings, PM
  Late February and good things are happening @ HIGHLAND! We have started the year with some
rough weather, but Spring is coming, and I am looking forward to it! (We have
flowers coming up out front!!!)

  Our Web Site is up and running! Please stop by and use this wonderful tool to stay connected and up to date with what is happing @ HIGHLAND. The Web address is highlandcog.org (if you are reading this I guess you know the address!) and the more hits the better! We are continuing to work on it and to get all areas up and active. Thank you, Barb, for all the help in making this happen. While on the home page there is also a link to
a new official Facebook page for HIGHLAND. Follow us and stay connected!
   Work in the sanctuary has started. The two side areas of the ceiling are completed and looks so much better. The main span of the ceiling will be done later this Spring! There will be work for anyone that is willing to help on this major project. We will need people to help clean-up or maybe just to feed the crew. We will keep you posted on times. Thank you to all the helpers so far! We will also keep you informed if we need to have church in another part of the building.

  Teacher Appreciation Sunday will be March 24th this year. This is always a great service for our teachers and families. Make plans to join us for this special Sunday service!
  Together we can see great things happen for God’s Kingdom and for HIS Church @ HIGHLAND.
Blessings, PM