Hello Highland Church Family,                                                                                    April 24, 2020
    I hope that this letter finds you healthy, safe, and blessed! Barb and I are just that, healthy, safe, and blessed and Seth is right there with us also! These are trying times, but we believe that “God Will Make a Way”.
  This is just an update to let our HIGHLAND Family know that we deeply miss each one of you and look forward to the day that we get to join in the building to worship God together. I have no idea when the date will be, or what it will look like early on, but we are keeping the faith and praying that it will be sooner than later!
  Until that time comes please continue to connect with us through our Virtual Church! (I never thought that I would ever be leading a church online. I have wanted to do it for shut-ins, and I guess that is what each of us are at this point.) Here are our ways to connect during this time. “Facebook Live” @ 10am on Sunday mornings, as of right now we are only streaming the message part of our service. Turn on some worship music of your choice at 9:30 and then join us @ 10. Currently we are streaming it from my Facebook page (Mark McCord, friend me if you would like) but we will look to move to the church page in the future. (Highland Church of God, there is a picture of the building in the winter, snow!) We will keep you posted when this happens. Know that you can SHARE or HOST a watch party of this “Live” service from your Facebook page to share it with your friends also.
  Your other choice is to join us through ZOOM, and you have 2 choices here.
  1) Call from any phone with long distance service (most people have unlimited long distance on cell and home phones today) you will be ask for a meeting number, enter that number and you will be able to hear the service! The phone number is 1-312-626-6799 the meeting number for Sunday morning @ 10am is 741-202-338. We are also gathering on Wednesday evening for pray and Bible study @ 6:30pm. That meeting number is 857-4943-8003. These numbers will stay the same for Sunday and Wednesday services for the future. Sunday mornings your phone will be muted on our end, but on Wednesday we will all be able to talk to each other.
  2) Go to ZOOM.com on any smart phone, computer, or tablet. You can set-up a free account or click on the join meeting tab and it will ask for a meeting number. The numbers are the same as the Meeting numbers used when you call in. This will allow you to see the service as well as hear what is being said. On Sunday mornings this may be a better connection than Facebook or if you do not have a Facebook account. Notes for our Sunday Morning service are downloaded on our website by Saturday noon. Go to highlandcog.org click on the sermon tab and this week’s outline or notes should be there and ready for you to open and/or print. The message video is uploaded to our web site on Sunday afternoon. If you have any questions about any of the tech or problems with connections, please feel free to call me! (just not during a service, Please)
  Before I close, I want to thank everyone that has continued to support the ministry of our church. Our building is empty, and we have everything turned back to conserve, but ministry must go on! Thank you for your support! Checks may be sent to the church at 669 W. Highland Ave Wooster, Oh 44691
  In closing let me share with you from Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.”
  Keep the faith, stay strong and healthy, reach out to a neighbor or friend with an encouraging word!
  Blessings, PM
   “For we died and were buried with Christ by baptism. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives.” --Romans 6:4
     New lives and in a new season… Many people are waiting for the great day when we are in eternity living with God in heaven. I agree that is a wonderful promise to look forward to… BUT God wants to join us in our daily walk with Him here on this earth. When Jesus is part of our lives, we can enjoy His comfort, peace and power even as we journey through this life. “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” should be our desire. A close walk so that we can hear His gentle whisper in this noisy world. Seek Jesus daily and He will always be close enough to pull us through when the waves of life try to pull us under! Jesus is the Subject and the answer to this world’s problems! Live a “New Life” that honors Him!
     Most people that receive Jesus as their personal Savior are young in life… before age 18… but we all know “Mature People” that need Jesus in their lives or need to reconnect with people at God’s Church. We will have a special Sunday just to invite these special friends! Sunday September 15th starting with Coffee and Donuts @ 9:45, Worship @ 10am and Soup and Sandwiches after the service. Invite your friends and family to join you on this special “Senior Sunday” I look forward to seeing you here!
   North East Ohio Camp Meeting 2019 has come to a close… Thank you to Dr. Duncan for challenging us to “Hear the Call… I Have Called You” in the evening service messages. Thank you to the Youth Workers and “Kids Camp” Workers, the seeds you have planted this week will bear fruit for God’s Kingdom, NEO churches and homes for years to come. Thank you to all the people that work behind the scenes to make this camp meeting a great success! I was only able to attend 3 of the services but was blessed to pray with a special young lady as she gave her heart to the Lord on Friday night. Lives are changed at Camp Meeting! That is why I attend and why we support North East Ohio Camp Meeting and Ministries! Go ahead and block off the week of July 19 -25, 2020. Make a commitment to attend, bring your family and let us attend as the family of HIGHLAND Church of God, together!
     Please be in prayer with us as we are praying that Barb can get health insurance through her employment with Wooster City Schools. This will allow me to step aside from driving truck full time and free up much more time for ministry! God has blessed us with years of bi-vocational ministry, but we believe that this is the next step for us as we seek God’s direction in our lives. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. 6 Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT
   Remember my favorite song… “God Will Make a Way” We believe that God will make a way for us. Blessings,
  We are so blessed! “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” --Isaiah 41:10
   We all face challenges in our life from time to time. Some are more trying than others, some come from situations we bring on ourselves, some are just part of our environment. Maybe your challenge is a bad report from your doctor, or an ongoing health problem. Maybe a financial burden that you did not plan for. Maybe your challenge is a family relationship or a family member that has turn to drugs. We all face our own personal challenges, but when we have faith in Jesus, and make Jesus the subject of our lives, we can face these challenges. We can actually thrive through these storms in life. We are blessed! Through our lives and actions, we can proclaim Jesus to this world, and we can live by the words of Isaiah 41:10… “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
    Someone you know needs to feel the love of God through you this week. Be open to blessing others with the blessings that have come from your faith in Jesus. Hope to see you @ Camp Meeting 2019!
 “I can do all things through Christ who strengths me.” --Philippians 4:13
   I ended last month’s newsletter with a note about the ceiling project @ HIGHLAND! I am happy to report that the project is complete and looks so clean, neat and up to date. We had a goal to have everything back in place by Sunday May 19th and we met that goal with time to spare! It was a blessing to work along with the men that put in the long hours to see this project through. We all say Thank You to the ladies in the kitchen that fed us all week. Thank you to the people that donated food and snacks to keep the crew working. This was a big project and many were surprised to see it completed on time…But, when we work together, we can see great things happen in God’s Church and for His Kingdom.
   Summer is just around the corner and I am ready for some warm weather, baseball, BBQ, and camping!
    NEO Camp meeting will be July 21st to the 26th. The Evangelist is Gilbert Davila and I will post times and other information as it becomes available. Camp meeting is just 5 days this year, but I pray that you will try to make it a priority to attend as many days as possible. Mark your calendar now before other events fill it up! July will be here soon.
   Schools will be out soon… watch out for children and stay safe!
Blessings, PM
 May 2019
  Holy Week was a busy week @ HIGHLAND. From Palm Sunday and Jesus coming into the city on a donkey, Humbling Himself to wash the disciple’s feet on Maundy Thursday, obedient to the cross on Good Friday, to becoming the Bridge of Easter to make a way for us to come into the very presence of God the Father. Thank you, Jesus, for your love and willingness to take our place on that cross.
  I pray that you will join us over the next several weeks as we look at how Jesus is the bridge to Unity, to Authenticity, and that Jesus is the bridge to Hope.
  The Trip to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum were an exciting time for us as we traveled together! 18 total people in 2 vans, I have traveled with the youth to International Youth Conventions, but this was my first trip with mainly adults, and it was a great trip. The Ark is amazing, and the museum opened my eyes more to God’s creation and the time line of this world. I also enjoyed our travel time together and shared meals. Thank you to everyone that went on this trip! I hope it was a blessing to you also.
  The week of May 13th we will be installing a new ceiling in the sanctuary! Our goal is to be finished by Sunday May 20th, stop in to help anytime during that week and that will help us reach that goal!
   Work is always easier when we do it together!        Blessings, PM
 “Don’t be afraid, you animals of the field, for the wilderness pastures will soon be green. The trees will again be filled with fruit; fig trees and grapevines will be loaded down once more.” --Joel 2:22
  Yes, Spring time is coming, and I am looking forward to all that God has planned for us! We have some fun things coming up, like our trip to The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, Spring Break and EASTER!
  We have some work, “Spring Cleaning” projects that we need to get done before Easter. And we have a mission to reach out to the families of Wooster and share the “Good News” of Jesus with everyone that we can! Spring Cleaning projects! I will have a list before this goes to print! Some outside projects, some inside projects. Somethings that can be done on your own or grab a “Pew Partner” and let us work on them together! If you see a project that you want to tackle, jump right in, working together will make the job easier for everyone. Easter is coming and we want to shine for all our special guest that day!
  Easter is always the easiest time of year to invite people to join you @ HIGHLAND! People are waiting on you to invite them to HIGHLAND, to join you in the Easter Celebration! Maybe God is already speaking to them and they are more open to His message this year. Morning Service @ 10am, Egg Hunt for the children after the service, Easter Dinner for the whole family to follow! 
 “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” --Galatians 6:9
  Blessings, PM
  Late February and good things are happening @ HIGHLAND! We have started the year with some
rough weather, but Spring is coming, and I am looking forward to it! (We have
flowers coming up out front!!!)

  Our Web Site is up and running! Please stop by and use this wonderful tool to stay connected and up to date with what is happing @ HIGHLAND. The Web address is highlandcog.org (if you are reading this I guess you know the address!) and the more hits the better! We are continuing to work on it and to get all areas up and active. Thank you, Barb, for all the help in making this happen. While on the home page there is also a link to
a new official Facebook page for HIGHLAND. Follow us and stay connected!
   Work in the sanctuary has started. The two side areas of the ceiling are completed and looks so much better. The main span of the ceiling will be done later this Spring! There will be work for anyone that is willing to help on this major project. We will need people to help clean-up or maybe just to feed the crew. We will keep you posted on times. Thank you to all the helpers so far! We will also keep you informed if we need to have church in another part of the building.

  Teacher Appreciation Sunday will be March 24th this year. This is always a great service for our teachers and families. Make plans to join us for this special Sunday service!
  Together we can see great things happen for God’s Kingdom and for HIS Church @ HIGHLAND.
Blessings, PM